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“We are pleased to announce that Osprey Executive Search is entering its second decade of providing the very best talent on the market!”

I am proud to announce that Osprey Executive search has turned 10. Many thanks go out to all who have been involved as employees, clients and candidates as well as the many people who have supported us in so many other ways. It is always fun to look back over a decade and contemplate some of the many changes that have occurred. Obviously, the most relevant has been the effect of both technology and social media on our lives.


When I started Osprey Executive Search, I was converting from my Palm Pilot and its stylus to the blue Blackberry; never did I think that I would in a very short time be browsing the web, depositing cheques with a picture or using Google Earth to find my way around Dubrovnik on my phone. The emergence of YouTube, Facebook and (most significantly in Executive Search) LinkedIn has changed the way many look at this industry. People can now find each other with relative ease. This has given boutique service-driven firms a huge boost as massive international data bases are no longer relevant. This ensures that making candidate assessment and trust, delegate process, client understanding and service, candidate treatment, and the ability to recruit from as many target companies as possible the real product offering. Bringing clients the candidates that are the right fit for the organization has always been our passion.

We look forward to the coming years with great excitement as the world becomes a smaller and smaller place. Osprey Executive Search will always be committed to partnering with our clients to bring them the best talent in the market.